All of the guitars we sell are examined and given an adjustment to make sure that each guitar is the best that it can be. We do that on all lines of our guitars no matter what the price is. That makes the guitar that you get from us a joy to play right from the start. That differs from some stores that sell a guitar in a box that was shipped from overseas without the propper adjustments for our local climate.

Our guitar shop can offer a an extensive list  of ways to make your guitar play the way you want it to. We would be happy to install guitar strings, but why not treat your favorite guitar to our TLC treatment. As well as provide a number of other ways to make playing your instrument as easy and comfortable as possible. A complete Acoustic Guitar setup would include adjustment of the neck, string height adjustment, fretboard conditioning, saddle adjustment, tightening any loosening tuners or strap buttons, and more. Electric Guitar setup would also include bridge saddle adjustment, intonation adjustments, neck adjustment, pickup setup, cleaning or replacing dirty pots, and other fine tuning work to make your guitar fit you and your playing style like a glove, so if you have a guitar that needs new strings, why not bring it in.

If you’re interested in our shop services, please contact us or just come into the store to get a free estimate.

Why Buy Locally? We have a few reasons why…

Taylor Music doesn't want to sell you a guitar.

We want to sell you YOUR guitar!

First, we will ask you the right questions, then we will listen to your answers and find you the guitar that feels the best , sounds the best, and fits your budget. Contact us for more details, or better yet, stop by to test and play your future guitar. We carry many brands of guitars, including:

C.F. Martin



La Patrie

Art & Luthrie


Oscar Schmidt



and more…

Martin Guitars

C.F Martin & Co. ( has been creating the finest instruments in the world for over 175 years. It continues to innovate, introducing techniques and features that have become industry standards including X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar and the "Dreadnought" size. One of the world's leading acoustic instrument makers, Martin guitars are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women, who use a combination of new design and techniques along with those introduced by the company founder.

Over 175 Years of Martin

The company, founded in the U.S. has been continuously family owned and operated for six generations. Currently headed by Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV, the company has been handed down five times since it was started by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. in 1833.

"Our signature product and Martin's seamless tradition of quality to this day remain a significant source of pride for my family and all of those who are involved in crafting these extraordinary instruments," said Martin Guitar Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV. "Since 1833 musicians have connected with audiences everywhere the world over, showcasing their talent and virtuosity over all genres. Martin's significance and cultural impact over 175 years is simply immeasurable."

Embraced by artists all over the world, the Martin guitar has helped define virtually all genres of music, from classical and country to blues, folk and acoustic rock. The list of Martin players, past and present, reads like a Who's Who of the musical world and includes such legends as Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and countless others.

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Seagull Guitars

 The Seagull StoryIn 1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. The concept for the Seagull guitar was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and beautiful finishes) and build these features into guitars that could be priced within the reach of working musicians. For more information,  go to

When strummed the first thing that you will notice is the vintage "bang" and the depth of Cort's Earth Series. The solid spruce top and scallopped bracing combine to deliver this classic tone. Come in and amaze yourself in the difference of what you hear, feel, and see when you play a Cort. For more I info information,  go to

Our goal with each Godin guitar is to find the perfect balance between the finest traditions of guitar crafting and the new design concepts that we are developing. After twenty years of guitar building we still hand-finish the necks on every Godin guitar. In fact, from fretting to sanding, there is more handwork in our guitars than you would find in most custom shops. From the selection of the wood to the final adjustments on the finished instrument, each Godin guitar is designed and built by people who love guitars

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