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Experience the difference with our Guitar shop...

Come in and turn your accoustic into an electric with a Martin Thinline Active bridge pickup system. The same electronics that we add to our new Martin D-35's we can do for your favorite flat top as well. Come by the shop for details and a free estimate.

Our guitar shop can offer a an extensive list  of ways to make your guitar play the way you want it to. We would be happy to install guitar strings, but why not treat your favorite guitar to our TLC treatment. As well as provide a number of other ways to make playing your instrument as easy and comfortable as possible. A complete Acoustic Guitar setup would include adjustment of the neck, string height adjustment, fretboard conditioning, saddle adjustment, tightening any loosening tuners or strap buttons, and more. Electric Guitar setup would also include bridge saddle adjustment, intonation adjustments, neck adjustment, pickup setup, cleaning or replacing dirty pots, and other fine tuning work to make your guitar fit you and your playing style like a glove, so if you have a guitar that needs new strings, why not bring it in.

Our shop also offers repair and maintenence work on string instruments, folk instruments, and more.

If you’re interested in our shop services, please contact us or just come into the store to get a free estimate.

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