Our History

Our History...

The story of Taylor Music really starts with Al Maletta. Maletta started teaching in Central Washington in 1936 and is known for teaching thousands of students the love of music. Al partnered with Bob Decio in 1956 and Maletta-Deccio Music became and is still as Taylor Music, the largest music School in central Washington. In 1994, Gary Taylor took the reigns as owner operator and today, with the help of the next generation of Taylors, including his son Ben who brings in over thirty years of music experience and is working along side his father to help make the Taylor name synonimous with bringing local musicians the answers that they need and the right price for a musicians budget. We continue to grow with the tradition of helping students of all ages learn the wonderful world of  music as well as supplying stright answers and honest, knowledgable advice.

Taylor Music has recently moved to a larger location to handle the growing needs of both our music retail and education departments. We have arranged to have great local teachers that not only help you learn your instrument, but the language of music. This ensures our students understand music at the students pace. Although most of our teachers are independent teachers we can help you select the one that is right for you and your needs.

The Al Maletta Scholarship


The Al Maletta Scholarship was established in honor of Al Maletta, a very special musician and advocate of youth in our community. Mr. Maletta was born in 1914 in Taylor, Washington, and became a fan of vaudeville as a young child in Seattle. When he was 11 years old, he received an accordion as a gift, beginning a relationship that would span his lifetime. In the early 1930’s, Mr. Maletta traveled throughout the country playing vaudeville and on the radio. In 1936, he married Yolanda Ferri and moved to Yakima where he opened the successful Maletta School of Accordion. In 1956, he formed Maletta-Deccio Accordion Studios, in partnership with Bob Deccio, expanding to a full line music store. Mr. Maletta taught music for 69 years to hundreds of students. He died on November 9, 2009 in Yakima. At the family’s request, donations were made to the YYSO in his name. Through the Al Maletta Scholarship, more musicians will feel his touch and his inspiration. We are thankful to Al Maletta’s family for making this gift to our local student musicians.

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