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Is your instrument falling flat? Don't miss out on valuable practice time. Bring your ailing instrument to Taylor Music. Our instrument repair service is available through Bob's Instrument Repair, led by Bob Waldbauer. He's a Yakima, WA staple, fixing musical instruments of all varieties for years. Bob's deep knowledge and affordable prices make him your best bet for speedy solutions. He can also refurbish your old instrument to give it a new look.

Turn to Bob's Band Repair for instrument repair service. Call now to schedule your appointment.

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Bob's specialty is guitars. He provides guitar repair service for common repairs, like:

  • Broken or snapped strings
  • Faulty hardware
  • Damaged gears
  • Surface swells

You may not know the severity of your issue until a specialist looks at it. That's why he offers free estimates to help you plan your repair.

Contact Bob today to schedule your guitar repair service in Yakima, WA.