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Taylor Music is a full-service guitar shop. We offer top-of-the-line accessories and guitars for sale from reputable brands, like D'Addario, Martin, Curt Mangan, DR String, and more.

Stock up on our specialty accessories, like amplifiers, tuners, and straps, to really take your jam session to the next level.

We have premium-quality new and used guitars for sale in Yakima, WA. Visit our store today to browse our selection.

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Like any fine instrument, your guitar needs consistent maintenance. To keep your instrument in good condition, we offer:

  • Tuneups
  • String Installation
  • String adjustments
  • Saddle, neck, and intonations adjustments

We'll also thoroughly clean your guitar so it looks as good as it plays.

Visit our guitar shop located in Yakima, WA today to receive top-tier service.