Our Staff

Gary Taylor


Gary was born and raised in Yakima and had always had a love of music, and more specifically, the guitar. In his youth, Gary played live music around the region and is still known to play for the right cause, but let's face it, he's a pretty busy man running the show. Gary has spent 45 years managing in several faucets of retail sales, learning to appreciate his customers needs and has countless times turned a potential problem into a lifetime of trust. Gary is very proud of his staff and their ability to help you find the right answer to most any musical question, whether a question about a particular instrument choice or the right tool to get you over whatever musical hurdle lies ahead. Gary and his staff of experts are here to make playing and learning music a lifetime of fun, and make Taylor music the local musicians best friend.

Ben Taylor

Sales and answers head drum tech and private instructor

Ben has been very involved with music all his life, starting his life long passion studying drums at the age of 3. Ben started performing at the age of 12 and has worked with many musicians playing many different genres. Besides his 35 years experience, Ben has played guitar and bass for over 20 years. Although first hired as a private drum instructor with Taylor Music in 2005, Bens sales and customer service expertise was best served helping customers with all of their music needs. Ben is very excited about continuing in the tradition of his father and the family business.

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