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If music makes the world go round, then those who create it are the true heroes. Taylow Music stands by the notion that without music, life simply wouldn't be as fun. Since 1936, our music store has been a staple in the Yakima, WA community-providing new and used instruments for sale along with private music lessons.

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Mastering the guitar is a fun and challenging journey. Taylor Music is here to help you along the way. Our guitar shop is home to new and used instruments for sale from reputable brands. We're excited to announce our newest partnership with Takamine guitars. In addition to our wide selection of Takamine, we also carry Cort, Godin, Segull, and other well-known brands.

After finding your axe, learn to play it! Our private music school employs accomplished musicians who are eager to help you perfect your craft.

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We offer affordable music solutions and never skimp on quality.

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